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Founder Arwa Damon with Mounir and his father.

Founder Arwa Damon with Mounir and his father.

“In Syria we used to live a simple life,” Mounir’s father explains to us in the hospital, as his son was in surgery. “I used to work on the land and afterwards go home and enjoy time with my family.” He is reflective about the family’s past in Syria, trying to focus on the good times that, after many years of war, seem to be so far away.

During Eid last year, there was an airstrike in the area in which they lived. “We lost 25 members of our family that day,” Mounir’s father explains. Mounir was badly injured in the airstrike, as a wall collapsed on top of him, breaking his arm. The family took him to the nearest hospital; but it was overwhelmed by the numbers of people injured in the airstrikes that day. They saw to him quickly, but put the cast on wrong and left some of his wounds open. Shortly afterwards, he caught an infection, which made the healing process very difficult.

Shortly after this attack, the family fled to Lebanon in search of safety. The father found work as a driver for a Lebanese family, but struggles to make ends meet in Lebanon, where the cost of living is much higher. “I can only afford rent and food for my family. To pay for treatment for Mounir is impossible for me to imagine right now,” he told us, clearly upset.

Ever since the wall collapsed on Mounir he has struggled to hold anything with his injured arm. He can’t play with his siblings, and his father tells us that the young boy often complains that he is bored.

Someone told Mounir’s Dad about INARA, and he contacted us. We arranged for Mounir to meet our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). After an x-ray, doctors found that the bone had not fully repaired, which caused him a lot of pain.

At the end of August, Mounir underwent surgery to repair his broken bone. He will need to wear a cast for the coming few months and should soon be able to play with his siblings again. Two days after his surgery our founder Arwa Damon met Mounir and his family, where the 10 year old boy explained that he is looking forward to going back to school.

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