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Since Hamza was burnt in the tent he and his family live in as refugees in Lebanon, he finds it difficult to fall asleep. “The burns on his hip and thighs are painful and itchy,” his mother explains to us.

Life in Syria

The family used to live in a large city in Syria. They had their own home, and their children went to good schools. “Here in Lebanon we live in a tent,” the father tells us. “We feel like our children are not getting a good education here.”

The accident

Last winter, Hamza’s mother was cooking for the family. Hamza was learning how to walk at the time. He slipped and fell on the pot.

For the first two days the family tried to treat the burns by going to a pharmacist. But Hamza wouldn’t stop crying and was in so much pain, so they took him to the nearest hospital He was admitted for 17 days, but by that time the family had run out of money. They then took him to Doctors Without Borders, who referred the case to us.

How we are able to help

Our team of doctors at AUBMC examined Hamza and found that the burns on his thighs are very tight, and restrict his movement. He will need CO2 laser and steroid injections to soften the skin in order to restore full mobility to his leg.

It’s thanks to your donations that we are able to help Syrian children injured as a result of living as refugees. As winter approaches, these kinds of accidents are going to be much more likely as families do their best to keep warm. Now, more than ever, we need your donations.

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