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17 year old Ghada lost her hearing five years ago. The family lived in Syria, in a city that was under constant bombardment. An airstrike landed on their neighbor’s house, and the loud explosion burst Ghada’s eardrum.

“I’m so worried about Ghada’s future,” her father told us. “She’s unable to communicate with anyone. She won’t be able to work, go to school, or even have friends.” He becomes very emotional as he explains his fears for the future.

After this airstrike landed on their home, the family left Syria and came to Lebanon in search of safety. They are a big family – 12 people in total – and have moved from apartment to apartment while in Lebanon every few months. There is nowhere that they can call home.

Ghada was referred to INARA by the Makhzoumi Foundation. We brought her in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) who said that they could fix her ear drum and help her to hear again.

“All Ghada wants is to be able to hear, communicate and have friends,” her father tells us with tears in his eye. “We are not asking for big things. We just want her to be in good health.”

Your donations will restore Ghada’s ability to hear. There are many children who have been wounded as a result of the horrors of the Syrian war. They need your help today.

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