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Ellen’s family lived in a big city in Syria before the war. “Life was normal and easy,” her father tells us. “We were very happy.”

When the war broke out, their city became a vision of hell. Buildings were destroyed in airstrikes, and their days were punctuated by the horrible noise of gun shots as fighting broke out on the streets. They decided to flee their city to a neighboring area, but the war seemed to follow them. It was at this point that they moved to Lebanon.

“It’s very expensive for us here in Lebanon,” Ellen’s father tells us. “I work all month, often without days off, just to pay the rent, and to put food on the table.”

The accident

Over a year ago, Ellen’s father put the kettle on to boil water. Ellen saw the red light of the kettle and was mesmerized by it – crawling over to it while her father left the room. She spilled water over herself, burning her left elbow.

“We took her immediately to the hospital,” Ellen’s father explains, re-living the horrible moments just after his young daughter was injured. “Their first aid team saw her for just a few moments, and gave us some medication. After that she was discharged, and we were told that we were responsible for her treatment.”

After a year of her parents applying creams to her burns, they have healed somewhat, but the skin is very tight on her arm. Her parents are noticing that she can barely move her elbow anymore, and that every day it seems as though the skin is getting tighter, and her ability to move is being more and more restricted.

INARA’s help

They were referred to INARA by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). She was introduced to our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) who explained that she would need CO2 laser and steroid injections to soften the skin.

Ellen’s father was visibly relieved when we explained that we could help his daughter. “We never wanted our daughter to be in pain, and to see the burns impairing her ability to move has caused us a lot of distress. I’m just so happy you can help. We have our full trust in you.”

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