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“In Syria we used to live a happy life,” Mira’s mother said. “I worked making furniture. We were a very middle class family.” Life, however, turned upside down for them because of the war in Syria. “The area in which we lived was completely bombarded, and our house was damaged in the process,” she explains. “We were forced to sell everything we had in order to have enough money to live on in Lebanon.” But as the years of war have dragged on, their money has run dry now.

It was just last year that Mira was badly burnt in the house they live in as Syrian refugees in Lebanon. “I went to boil the water to give Mira a bath,” her mom explains. “I went out of the room quickly to grab some clean clothes for Mira, when I heard a loud scream.” Mira had walked into the room and tripped and landed on the boiling kettle.

Her mother took her to the nearest hospital, where she received treatment for the burns on her legs. But since she was discharged, and as the young girl begins to grow, the scars are increasingly restricting her ability to walk.

The family were referred to INARA by Humedica. Our incredible team of doctors at AUBMC explained that the scar tissue on her legs is very tight and, as she gets older, will increasingly restrict her ability to move. They also said that the skin is not malleable enough and could stunt her growth. They recommended CO2 laser surgery to soften the skin, along with steroid injections.

Life will be much easier for Mira once she has had the surgery, and she looks forward to returning to school.

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