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14 year old Matar and his family have always struggled financially, even from the time before violence engulfed their country. It was early on during the war that his face was badly burnt.

His little brother had just started to walk, and was wandering around in the kitchen, tripping up every now and again, and giggling. Matar saw his brother walk towards the stove, which was placed on the floor, where oil was boiling. He ran over to protect his brother, but tripped, spilling the boiling oil over his face.

He was rushed to the hospital and began receiving treatment. But the war in Syria had started to escalate, and his area erupted in violence. Before Matar could complete his treatment, his family had to make the difficult choice to leave behind their home, jobs, and family, and flee to Lebanon in search of safety.

Ever since, Matar hasn’t received the treatment needed because his family do not have the financial means to cover the cost of surgery here in Lebanon.

“Matar has been very shy ever since,” his father tells us. “He has very low self-esteem because of the burns on his face.” Not only that, but it’s painful for him to eat, or even smile, because the scarring on his face is so tight.

After introducing Matar to our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, a medical plan was laid out. He will need two surgeries. The first would place a balloon in his head to stretch out his skin. The excess skin would then be grafted around his mouth. He will also have a scar release surgery for the scarring on his lip, which should free up movement and ensure he can smile again.

Matar has high hopes for his future. He is at school and has excellent grades. “I want to become an electronic engineer,” he tells us. “I want to learn how to build a robot that can help my mother with her daily tasks.”

Your donations will ensure we can rebuild Matar’s smile. Not all children are injured directly by the war, but the violence has and continues to prevent them from accessing needed medical treatment. In addition, many children are injured while living as refugees and cannot afford treatment. They are being robbed of their right to health. They need your help today. Please donate.