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“Batoul faces everything with a smile,” her father told us. “When she meets new people she shows them the burn on her arm. She never hides it. She thinks that her burns make her unique and different.”

When her father came home from work, Batoul was very excited to see him. He had spent all day working, and he boiled some water to rest his feet in. Just before he could place cold water into the boiling water to get the right temperature, Batoul put her arm in and burnt herself.

Her parents hospitalized her straight away, and doctors informed them that she would need a surgery. Her parents saved up enough money to pay for surgery on her arm, but after a few months they realized that it was not a success. Her movement was being restricted by the scarring.

The family were told about INARA by some of their neighbors, and contacted us. We brought Batoul in to meet Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah from the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) who recommended that she would need a laser CO2 surgery for the scarring on her arm.

Batoul was also fitted with a garment to help the burns to heal. She loves it, and couldn’t stop jumping up and down when it was given to her. “I love my new shirt,” she told us.

Batoul’s father is glad to know that his daughter is finally on the path to recovery. “All I want is for her to get better,” he tells us with tears in his eyes. “But I know for a fact that she is stronger than us, so I can’t wait to see her back to normal again.”

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