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17 year old Zaha was injured when an airstrike hit the home she shared with her family in Syria. A wall collapsed on top of her, badly damaging her hip. Ever since, walking has been a massive struggle for the young woman. She can’t walk long distances, and isn’t able to help her mother around the house.

After their home was destroyed, the family came to Lebanon. Zaha’s father works as a construction worker now and then, provided he can find work, but the money he earns is barely enough for him to feed his eight children and his wife. “Healthcare is very expensive in Lebanon, and I have another child who has a disability, so we don’t make enough to help Zaha as well,” her father tells us.

Zaha’s father searched for treatment for his daughter, and was eventually put in touch with INARA by Caritas. We brought her in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, who informed us that she would need a hip replacement surgery. This expensive treatment, which will cost approximately $20,000, will be funded partly from funds given to us by UNICEF, and also by generous donations.

Doctors informed us that this surgery will put an end to the pain that Zaha suffers every single day. It will enable her to move about more freely, and be able to walk longer distances.

“She used to cry from the pain,” her father tells us. “Now we’re looking forward to her no longer being in pain.”

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