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Mona was injured six years ago when an airstrike landed on their home. Shrapnel struck her in the left eye, and she lost her eye after she was admitted to hospital. While she was recovering in the hospital, she heard news that her parents had been killed. “That was the biggest loss for me – more than losing my eye,” she told us.

After she and her siblings buried their parents, life was a struggle for them. “We stayed days and nights with no food,” she explains. Shortly after, her uncle, who had been living in Lebanon as a refugee since the war in Syria first broke out, came to Syria and brought Mona and her siblings with him to live in Lebanon.

Mona has struggled ever since with her eye. It keeps getting infected and causes her considerable pain. She didn’t imagine that there would be anyone who could help her, but after years of suffering, she decided to research organizations in Lebanon who may be able to help. She came across INARA in May 2018.

We introduced her to one of our doctors who explained that her case is critical. Mona has an eye deformation as a result of the shrapnel, and will need two surgeries to repair her eye – including reconstructing her mucus membrane, which is the main cause of her regular infections. Once she has gone through these surgeries we will also be providing her with a glass eye.

Mona is relieved to hear that her life of constant infection will soon be over. “Before meeting INARA this was just a dream for me,” she tells us. “But now my dreams are finally coming true…”

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