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Farhan is very attached to his grandfather. His mother left the family when he was three years old, and he hasn’t seen her since. But he is very close to his father and grandpa. “My grandpa always tells me stories about heroes in Syria,” Farhan tells us. “He tells me that I am a special boy and that my burns are beautiful…”

Despite the burns that cover Farhan’s legs, he is a cheerful five year old. This is largely thanks to the amazing support that the two men in his life provide for him. “I will give him all the love of a mother and a father if I have to,” his father tells us. “Anything to help my precious little boy.”

Farhan spilled boiling tea over his legs when he was four years of age. The family live in a cramped room within a refugee camp in the mountains in Lebanon. It was as they were boiling tea on a stove on the floor that Farhan accidentally burned himself.

We brought Farhan in to meet our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. Doctor Amir Ibrahim informed us that, were Farhan not to receive treatment on the burns on his legs, they could restrict his development as he gets older. Therefore he recommended that they remove some of the burn scarring.

Farhan had this surgery on July 12 in the morning, and was discharged by late afternoon. He will need to come in for a number of follow-ups over the coming months to ensure the surgery was a success and that his scarring won’t restrict his growth.

Farhan’s Dad has high hopes for his son’s future. “I want to stand by his side and remind him that life isn’t easy,” he tells us. “But I want him to know that as long as he has people like me in his life who love him, then he can overcome any difficulty.”

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