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Iman was only two years old when the house she lived in was bombed. Her mother grabbed her daughter and tried to protect her from the flames. Her mother is covered in burns from trying to save her daughter. Iman was also badly burnt on her ear and neck. The burns were so severe that she had an ear-ring fused into her ear that caused her significant pain.

“I am like Cinderella”

Iman loves the story of Cinderella. “I am like Cinderella,” she told her INARA caseworker the other day. “The difference is that I lost my ear-ring. I know that my prince Dr Amir will be able to find it for me.” It’s clear that Iman has a bit of a crush on her doctor at the American University of Beirut Medical Center

Iman was referred to INARA by the kind people at Intersos. The injury on her ear causes her significant pain and means that she struggles to sleep. It also causes her troubles in hearing. She underwent a scar release surgery on her ear in early July and the doctors managed to release the ear-ring also.

Iman’s dreams for the future

Iman has a huge grin that her father tells us “melts everyone’s hearts.” She dreams of becoming a teacher when she is older and tells us that she wants to build “a big playground for all the children in the world to play with me.”

“I want my daughter to grow up without the accident in her mind,” her father tells us. “I wish I could remove the accident from our memories but I wasn’t able to afford the treatment she needed. Thanks to INARA and your donors this is now something that we can overcome…”

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