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“We want Farouk’s hand to get better,” his parents tell us. “We don’t want him to grow up and blame us for not ensuring he got treatment.”

Five months ago, Farouk was playing in the house he shares with his mother and father. They live in a small room without electricity or water as that is all they can afford as Syrian refugees. As they burned logs in the fireplace to keep warm, Farouk crawled over and put his left hand in the fire, burning himself.

“Ever since he hasn’t been able to move properly,” his mother explains. He can’t crawl because it hurts him to put pressure on his hand. Holding things in his hand has become impossible because the scarring means that he cannot open his fingers – with burns holding his fingers together.

The family tried to take their son to get treatment at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) but told doctors that they feared they would not be able to fund the full treatment. The doctors advised Farouk’s parents to call INARA.

Thanks to your donations, Farouk has already had surgery on his hand. Doctors at AUBMC performed a scar release surgery in early July and it was a success. Farouk will need a number of follow-ups in the next few months to make sure that the operation was a success.

This surgery was funded thanks to UNICEF.

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