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Radwan posing like Spiderman

Radwan posing like Spiderman

Radwan loves Spiderman! “If Spiderman was real, he would never let children in Syria get hurt,” he tells us.

Radwan was only three years old when an airstrike landed on his neighbor’s house. He was so scared that he ran into the kitchen to find his mother, knocking boiling oil over his arm. His parents couldn’t take him to the hospital due to the ongoing bombardment. It took three days before the fighting stopped enough for them to take him to the hospital.

Radwan’s father Bilal is very proud of his son. “Despite everything he has been through, he never stops smiling,” he told us. Bilal was a lawyer in Syria, but when the family left to seek safety in Lebanon, he has since worked on a construction site.

The burns on Radwan’s arm has formed a web of tissue that connects his arm to his side. It means he cannot move his arm properly and cannot play anymore with his siblings. His case was referred to us by UNHCR. When we brought him in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, we were told that he would need a scar revision surgery on the arm, along with laser sessions, which will restore full mobility back to his arm.

Once he has full mobility, Radwan is convinced that he could become the next Spiderman. “If I was Spiderman, I’d help all the children in Syria so they don’t have to get hurt,” he says to us with a determined smile on his face.

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