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Ayman is 18 months old. He’s a curious child, who loves to examine everything around him. “He loves to discover everything,” his father tells us. “I’m sure he’s going to end up becoming a mechanical engineer with all this curiosity.”

It was while he was wandering around his house when he first started to walk that he was burnt. He stumbled over to a bowl of boiling water and accidentally spilled it over his chest and right hand. Ayman suffered from second degree burns.

“That night we could barely sleep,” his mother told us. They searched for medical treatment but were repeatedly told that no one could help. They eventually found a hospital that could help, but after a few days in the hospital Ayman’s father was concerned about the level of care and discharged his son prematurely.

“Meeting INARA has been therapeutic for us.”

Ayman’s family were referred to INARA by Doctors Without Borders. He came in to meet Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). He recommended that Ayman would need to wear a garment to help the wounds heal. He would need to come in regularly for follow-up meetings to ensure the scarring improved – and further treatment would be determined at a later stage. Ayman has already been fitted with a garment from Orthocare and was also given silicon pads for the burns on his chest.

“Meeting INARA has been therapeutic for us,” Ayman’s father explains. “Not only because you are treating my son but also because I am reassured by the quality of care that you are providing him.”

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