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Lina was badly burnt when she was first starting to walk, back in December 2017. Her mother was boiling milk for her young daughter, and when she stepped out of the kitchen, Lina ran in, tripped, and knocked the scalding liquid over her.

She suffered from burns across her face, chest, left shoulder and armpit. Her family took her to the hospital but had to discharge her far sooner than doctors recommended because they could not afford the treatment.

Since then, the scarring on her armpit has started to restrict Lina’s ability to move her arms.

We brought her in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. They recommended a scar release surgery on the burns on her armpit. They also said that the burns on her chest could restrict her growth in the future, so we will also be providing her with CO2 laser sessions to soften the skin and make it more malleable – helpful for her future growth.

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