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Hisham is a talkative young man. He’ll be turning 18 very soon and all he wants to do is start working so he can help his family. But sadly his injuries, the result of an explosion in Syria, prevent him from doing this. “I’m unable to even hold a small bag,” he tells us with tears in his eyes.

As he was coming back from work in Syria, his home was bombed. He lost his eye and two fingers, and his home was completely destroyed. “There is no safe place for me if my home doesn’t exist anymore,” he told us.

Ever since he has struggled to come to terms with what happened to him. “I don’t feel like I am the same person anymore,” he explains. “I wish that, with time, I can forget this accident and overcome it.”

We took Hisham to meet with doctors at two hospitals that we work closely with – Saint George Hospital University Medical Center and the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). He has already been fitted with a glass eye – to prevent muscle contractions that caused him headaches. Doctors at AUBMC will also build a new finger for his hand – taking bone from his arm to create a brand new finger which will help restore functionality and mobility to his hand.

Hisham is so happy with the result of his glass eye. “My mom couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the result,” he tells us, mimicking his mother’s shocked expression. The surgery for his hand has been booked in for July, and he is looking forward to the operation.

“I want to say to people who donated that they really have helped to change my life completely,” he tells us. “INARA’s support is incredible. It has motivated me to do more with my life. You never saw my injuries, only my potential to get better, and you gave me hope by doing this.”

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