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Bdour was sat down on the floor of the apartment she lives in as a refugee with her siblings as they ate breakfast. Her mother came in with tea to warm everyone in the family. Her smallest brother picked up the tea, and spilled it on Bdour’s legs. Her mother will never forget the sound of her daughter crying, nor the sight of the burnt skin on her daughter’s legs.

The family had such little money that they couldn’t afford to hospitalize their daughter. They took her to a family friend who was once a medic, who helped to clean the burns, and recommended specific medical treatment for her.

Her family were recently put in touch with INARA by Doctors Without Borders. Our doctors cleaned the wound and stated that she would need to come in very regularly to the American University of Beirut Medical Center to ensure that the wounds don’t become infected. After doing this for a few months, Bdour may need surgery.

“I pray for my daughter every single day,” her mother tells us. “I pray that she can play around and walk like she did before.” Thanks to your donations, Bdour is now getting the treatment she needs, and for her mother it feels as though her prayers have been answered. Not all children that we work with have been injured as a direct result of war. Many have been injured as a result of living as refugees. For these families, medical attention is often far too expensive for them to afford. As a result, many other children are still in need of our help. Act now by donating to ensure they get the treatment needed.

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