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Riad INARA Arwa Damon Syrian refugees

Riad is a happy little boy, who loves to be in front of the camera. He poses happily, sticking his tongue out to our photographer, giggling as he does so. His mother looks at him, smiling. “Just after the accident he was traumatized,” she tells us. “It’s nice to see him smiling and playing again.”

Just over a year ago, his mother was boiling oil to cook for the family. Riad was learning to walk at the time and stumbled into the kitchen to see his mother. She slipped and knocked the oil over herself and her son.

“When I saw the burns on his thighs I passed out.”

Both mother and son were taken to hospital to treat their burns. As Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, the treatment was more than they could afford, and after twenty days in hospital, both were discharged.

After bringing Riad in to see our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, we were told that the burns on his thighs could restrict his growth. Therefore our doctors recommended that he would need CO2 laser sessions and steroid injections to soften the scar tissue on his legs, ensuring the burns wouldn’t prevent his development in the future.

This treatment is only made possible by funding from UNICEF and the incredible generosity of our supporters. Many other children need your help – so please do donate today. Every single dollar makes a difference.

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