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Ahmad’s face is covered in tight, painful looking scarring. Despite this, the boy has a strong spirit and smiles almost all of the time. You can tell that it’s down to his caring parents, who do everything they can to ensure the nine year old boy doesn’t feel depressed because of his injuries.

“I miss Syria,” Ahmad tells us. “But my home has burnt down. There’s nothing left.” It was a cold winter in Syria, the day that Ahmad was burnt. He was sat next to the heater, when his sister Tamara went to put petrol into the heater that sat in the middle of the room. Due to fuel shortages during war, many cans of the highly flammable benzene were falsely sold as petrol, and as soon as Tamara put the fuel into the heater, it exploded.

She was killed instantly, and Ahmad was set on fire. “I’ll always remember saying goodbye to my sister then,” he says. His father grabbed his son and jumped through the window to ensure he got out of the house alive. They rushed Ahmad to the hospital, where he stayed for a number of days. With no house to live in, and with the war ravaging their country, they decided to flee to Lebanon as refugees.

Doctors Without Borders informed the family that they should contact INARA. We brought Ahmad in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). Doctors advised that Ahmad would need a number of surgical interventions, including a scar release surgery on both scarring on his hand and on his lip. He would also need laser treatment on scarring on his hand, lip and leg to ensure the skin soften and becomes more flexible – ensuring that it won’t restrict his growth in the future.

This surgery was made possible thanks to funding from UNICEF as well as the incredible generosity of our supporters. If you want to ensure children like Ahmad get the treatment they deserve, donate now.

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