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Home should be somewhere that children can consider safe. But for many Syrian children, even their own homes aren’t safe places for them. It was in his home that Osman was badly injured in an airstrike. He was sat next to a gas canister when their home was partly hit by an airstrike. The gas exploded, engulfing his young body in flames.

His mother cries as she remembers that day. “For six days afterwards he couldn’t even speak,” she explains. “He thought it was a nightmare until he saw his reflection in the mirror…”

Ever since, Osman has struggled to accept the horrors he has been through. “I hear him crying every single night before he goes to bed,” his mother says, wiping tears away.

Shortly after the airstrike, the family came to Lebanon in search of a safer future. They live in a small basement in Lebanon, all cramped in one room, including the bath and toilet. “The smell is disgusting,” Osman and his mother explain.

The 12 year old boy went to school once in Lebanon, but was badly bullied. “All the other children insulted me and made jokes about my appearance,” he says. He wants to go back to school more than anything. “I want to learn and become a teacher in the future.” Sadly, the burns on his right hand affect his movement so much that he can’t hold a pen.

INARA will provide Osman with a free flap surgery at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) to restore movement to his hand. This is paid for thanks to funding from UNICEF as well as incredible donations from our generous supporters.

“I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am of your support,” Osman tells us. “You will help my future and help me to lead a normal life.”

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