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“When you called I cried. I felt as though people still care about other people in need. You’re helping to save my child’s future.”

Omran is a confident little boy, who is very close with his mother. He happily poses for pictures for us in the sunshine, outside the hospital where he will get treatment for the burns on his arm.

Six months ago, Omran’s mother took him to get some food from a street vendor. As he was waiting for his food, a vat of boiling water fell on him. His mother took him instantly to the nearest hospital, where he stayed for 35 days. But with each day that passed, his family became more and more worried that their money would run out. After the 35th day they had no choice but to discharge him early, before he could get a much-needed skin graft surgery. Now, the burns are so severe that the skin around his armpit has fused to his arm – heavily restricting his ability to move.

One of Omran’s mother’s friends from Syria, who also lives in Lebanon, recommended that the family contact INARA. We had helped her daughter Lia. We brought Omran in for a medical assessment with our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), who gave the go ahead for him to have the skin graft surgery he needs.

Omran’s mother is so grateful to INARA that we can provide this treatment for her son. “I felt as though people still care about other people in need,” she said. “You’re helping to save my son’s future.”

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