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“I will never forget that scene,” Jassem’s mother tells us. “My son was playing with his toys when an airstrike landed on our neighbor’s house. He was just a baby at the time. Shrapnel from the explosion punctured Jassem’s neck.”

His mother didn’t know what to do in that moment. All she felt was panic. “I thought that my son had died,” she recalls. “I removed the shrapnel with my hands and rushed Jassem to the hospital.”

Jassem and his family came to Lebanon shortly after his injury. They walked from where they lived in Syria to Lebanon and it took them five days. The journey is dangerous, and Jassem’s mother feared for their lives for the entire journey. They eventually made it into Lebanon, and she felt a huge sense of relief for a day. Then she had to start the difficult challenge of finding her son the medical help he needed.

The family were told about INARA and called one of our caseworkers. We brought Jassem in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). They informed us that the scarring on Jassem’s neck is pulling his neck to one side, and could lead to his neck being permanently fixed in that position. To rectify this, Jassem will need a scar revision surgery which will free up mobility and prevent his neck fixing in one position.

Jassem’s family miss their home. “There is no place in the world more comfortable than your own home,” his mother explains to us. “But for us, our home doesn’t exist anymore.”

Jassem is one of many refugee children that desperately needs medical treatment. Please donate to help him and others like him today.

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