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“I don’t like people to think I’m weak because I’m not,” Biro tells us. “But the scars on my body feel like a sign of weakness to me. Everyone can see my weakness.”

Biro was badly burnt on February 9, 2017 in the house they live in as refugees in Lebanon. She’ll never forget that day. She woke up early, but wasn’t feeling very well. She had a really bad headache. As she was in the kitchen, she lost her balance, and tipped boiling water over her torso and hand.

Since the accident, she hasn’t been able to lead an independent life. The scars on her hand restrict her ability to move it and so she relies on her mother for everything. “My mom has to wash me, and help me to put on my clothes,” she explains to us. “I don’t even sleep as well anymore.”

Biro’s family were told about INARA by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). We brought her in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) who explained that she would need surgery to restore the movement to her hands.

”All I want is to love myself again.”

The accident has changed the way that Biro looks at herself. Her mother tells us how angry and depressed she has become – a total change from the happy and active child she once was, whose laughter used to fill the room. “All I want is to see her smile again,” she says.

Biro has big dreams for her future. Once she can use her hand properly again she wants to become a hair stylist. “I want to have my own salon,” she tells us. “I want to make women feel beautiful.”

Your donations and funding have ensured that we can help to build a happier and healthier future for Biro. There are many other children that need our help and we can only provide them with the medical treatment they need if you donate. Please do something amazing and donate today – every single dollar counts.

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