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Nasr’s family suffered so much in the ongoing violence in Syria. For almost seven years, the family have lived with the terrifying reality that any day they could be injured, or worse, killed in what has seemed like never-ending violence and bloodshed.

“I fainted because I was so afraid.”

Five years ago in Syria, while Nasr and his family were out of the house, their home was destroyed in an airstrike. The entire family moved in with a friend, and shared a house with them, as they didn’t have enough money to rent somewhere.

Nasr’s accident took place in this house five years ago. An airstrike landed on the road, and the impact caused a pot of boiling tea to fall off the heater, and onto Nasr, who was only a baby at the time. His mother rushed him to the sink immediately and ran cold water over the burn, but fainted as she was so afraid for her son.

His father rushed Nasr to a nearby doctor who did first aid. After a few days, they admitted Nasr into a hospital in Syria for three days. His burns had become infected, and so the family had to refer Nasr to another hospital in another city in Syria. He stayed there for a further ten days, before being discharged.

Nasr is now five, and his arm’s movement is becoming more and more restricted by his scar. His family were forced to flee Syria a few months ago, when the house they had rented by that time was hit by another airstrike. “After that, I began to suffer from severe panic attacks,” his mother tells us. “Every day I feared for my children’s lives, and I needed for them to be safe.”

The International Committee of the Red Cross referred Nasr onto INARA. He was assessed by Dr Amir Ibrahim at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, who said that the young boy would need a CO2 laser surgery on his arm to soften the scar tissue, and restore mobility to his arm.

Since leaving Syria, life has been a lot easier for Nasr. “He hated Syria as all it meant for him was pain and fear,” his mother says. Nasr’s mood has lifted a lot since they came to Lebanon, and he is very excited to have his surgery and be able to move his arm properly again.

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