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Latifa was born in Lebanon. Before her accident, she was a happy child, who loved to play with her siblings. Yet her family life has always been a struggle. The family live in a tiny apartment in Lebanon that two families are crammed into. It means that people are everywhere – even in the kitchen and bathroom.

One day, while her mother was cooking in the kitchen, Latifa crawled into the room. The young girl was just starting to walk, and tripped and knocked the boiling oil onto her right thigh. Her parents immediately took her to their closest medical center, run by Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). They recommended the family take her to the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC).

Once at AUBMC, they were introduced to one of the INARA caseworkers, who was there at the time. She explained INARA’s work to them, and booked them in for a medical assessment. Doctors at AUBMC found that the burns on her thigh were so severe that they restrict her movement as she grows. Therefore they advised that she would need CO2 and steroid injections to soften the scarring, ensuring that the skin will be more malleable as she grows.

Life for Latifa hasn’t been the same since. Her parents have seen their happy little girl become a lot more emotional. She cries every single time she sees the scar on her leg, and won’t enter the kitchen because she is so afraid of fire.

We’re hoping that her INARA treatment will not only help her grow up without her scarring restricting her, but also help her to become less upset with her scarring. Her treatment has been funded by our incredibly generous supporters and with funding from UNICEF. To help others like Latifa, donate today.

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