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“I still remember our home,” Aya tells us. “It was the only place where I ever felt safe. Everything has lost its shape for me now. My memories. My body. I became the girl who scares children, who people turn their faces from in pity.”

The library

Aya had just finished studying in the library. She had just left the building and was about to walk home to eat dinner with her family, when a rocket landed on the library.

Aya doesn’t remember much from that day, except the sound of her mother calling her name.

Her family took her to the nearest hospital in Syria. Her burns were so extreme that she spent months in the hospital – in which time she had 11 different surgeries. But two and a half years ago, the violence in their area in Syria had become so bad that her mother feared they would die. She couldn’t keep her family there any longer, and so they fled to Lebanon as refugees.

Their lives in Lebanon

Ever since they arrived, Aya’s parents haven’t been able to provide the treatment their daughter needs. Treatment would have been free in Syria, but here in Lebanon it is far more expensive than her family can afford. The scarring on her hand is so tight that she cannot use it anymore. The burns on her ears are also severe and need medical attention.


Recently, Solidar Suisse told the family about INARA. Doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center told us that Aya will need three surgeries. The first will be a ten hour surgery to free up movement on her hand. The following two surgeries will release tight scarring on her face.

Aya’s future

Aya’s mother wants nothing in life except to see her daughter happy again. “Ever since the accident she has become so shy and nervous. She never used to be like this. She was always so calm, but not anymore.”

Using your generous donations, Aya will now be able to get the treatment she desperately needs. Aya’s mother explained the impact that this treatment has on children: “INARA gives hope to children and is always here to help.”

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