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Oussama’s family don’t have electricity in the house they live in as refugees. The small apartment that they share is unfit for living, but as they don’t have much money, it is all they can afford.

One day Oussama’s mother wanted to bathe her three year old son. She boiled the water on a gas stove placed on the floor of their kitchen so she could warm the water for him. When his mother went into the other room, Oussama tripped and fell into the boiling water.

His family tried to get Oussama treatment in their local area. A doctor provided treatment for him for three days, telling the family that he would do it for free. But after that he asked them for a lot of money that the family couldn’t afford, and so they had to pay him. After that, the family searched for a local doctor, who applied herbal medicines onto the wounds, but the family had become so poor that they couldn’t even afford the transportation to and fro the doctor’s offices.

“Since the accident Oussama has lost a lot of weight and become very quiet.”

Oussama’s parents were concerned about the scars on his elbow. They went to speak with the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA), who told the family that they should contact INARA. We brought Oussama into the American University of Beirut Medical Center for an assessment. Doctors warned that the scarring on his elbow isn’t restricting movement now, but will as he grows up. Therefore they recommended steroid injections and CO2 laser treatment. This will soften the hardened scar tissue and ensure his skin is more flexible as he grows up.

“I want to thank anyone who has helped my child by donating.”

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