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“Haifa became very shy after her accident,” her mother explains to us. “She’s afraid of hot water.” The sweet little girl is only four years old, and lives as a refugee far from her home in Syria. A few months ago, a pot of boiling water fell on her upper body, severely burning her arm.

The family immediately took her to the hospital, using up what little money they had managed to save. However, since she was discharged from the hospital, the scars have hardened and pull on her arm, restricting her movement.

The family live in a small garage. They don’t have enough money for the treatment that Haifa needs, and so began to search for someone who could help them. They were referred to INARA by the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA).

After being assessed by doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), they found that a scar revision surgery on her arm would free up the young girl’s movement, and restore full functionality to the arm.

“I hope that she will lead a happier life than what I have been through.”

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