“I was eight years old when our neighbor’s house was hit by a bomb,” Yasmine tells us with tears in her eyes. “Everything was on fire.”

The explosion left Yasmine severely injured. The blast caused damage to her right eye, with the cornea badly damaged. She was also left with severe burns on her face, the right side of her body, and her hands.

Her parents took her to the nearest hospital to them in Syria, where she spent seven months in intensive care. After seven months of treatment, Yasmine was discharged. She needed further treatment, but at that point their city in Syria was taken over by a military group, who shut down movement in and out of the city. It meant that Yasmine couldn’t go to hospitals for further treatment.

As soon as the family could leave their besieged city, they came to Lebanon as refugees. When the family were registering with UNHCR they were told that INARA might be able to help them.

We brought Yasmine in for medical assessment, where doctors informed us that she should need approximately five surgeries on her face and hands over the coming months and years. She will also see an ophthalmologist to try and correct the corneal problems Yasmine has in her eye.

“After the surgeries, I hope to go back to school again and meet new friends.”

Yasmine stopped going to school after her injury. The other children in her class would stare at her and she couldn’t cope with this. She misses her home in Syria more than anything. She had sheep in her garden. Her favorite sheep was called Fatoum.

After her surgery, Yasmine looks forward to going back to school, being more confident in herself, and playing without being fearful of people staring.

“We would like to thank the donors. We will never forget what you provided for us.”