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Lamis misses skipping. Her favorite activity was getting her skipping rope and playing with her friends. But since the day that she ran from falling bombs in Syria, she hasn’t been able to. “Her condition worsens over time and she can do even fewer activities,” her mother tells us. “A simple thing like going up the stairs is difficult for her now.”

The family were running for their lives. Bombs rained down around them and the air was filled with smoke and dust, suffocating them. In the mad panic to find somewhere to shelter, her mother, who was holding Lamis, tripped and fell on the ground.

“There was a snap.”

The fall was so severe that Lamis suffered from muscle damage in her right leg, and the impact caused her knee bone to move up into her thigh. After this horrifying experience, the family decided that they couldn’t take anymore and would leave their lives in Syria behind to try to find safety in Lebanon.

Upon arriving in Lebanon, the family took Lamis to the hospital. Doctors saw her and prescribed medicine but the family didn’t have the means to pay for her treatment.

An old friend of Lamis’ father in Syria recommended that the family contact INARA, who had provided his daughter Hala with treatment. We brought Lamis in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center in September 2017. Because of the complicated nature of her case, we have had to find the right treatment plan for the seven year old girl.

Lamis will require surgical intervention to lengthen the muscle fibers around her thigh. This won’t fully restore movement to her right leg, but will ensure that the child can flex her leg. She may need further surgical interventions in the future – which we will look at on a case by case basis to see if we may be able to help.

“All I wish for my daughter is that she can sit at the table to eat without pain again.”

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