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Nadine is two years old. She was injured last winter as her mother made her children a delicious, warming breakfast called fatteh. As she boiled the yogurt, Nadine played with her sister in the kitchen. She knocked the boiling yogurt over herself, burning her torso and chest.

The family took Nadine to the nearest hospital to where they were living in Lebanon. She was admitted for a very long time, to ensure that the burns were healing. But, as the bill began to get more and more expensive, Nadine’s parents had no choice but to discharge her early.

The family have been living in Lebanon since early on during the war in Syria. “In 2012 we came to Lebanon,” Nadine’s father explains. “We were very scared of what was going on around us in Syria.” Life has been a struggle for them ever since, as both parents struggle to find any work to support their family.

Nadine’s parents were told about INARA by the father of one of our other cases, Aysha, who was so impressed with the treatment we provided for his daughter. Nadine came to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) in June. They informed us that the burns on her chest and her armpit were very tight, and it was likely that she would need to have a garment fitted to soften the skin and make it more malleable in the future. However, as the burns were too fresh at the time, they recommended she come back at the end of the year. This December, we fitted Nadine with the garment, which she will wear for the coming months, with regular follow-ups.

Many more children need our help this winter. Please do what you can by donating to INARA.

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