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Islam Syria Refugees Arwa Damon INARA

Four year old Islam was burnt when boiling hot water fell on his head and shoulders. “For the first few weeks, we were constantly looking after him,” his father told us. “Even months after the injury, we are still attending to him almost all the time.”

Islam’s father works as a construction worker in Lebanon. “It’s very different from what I used to do in Syria,” he explains. “I was a farmer there and had my own land. Everything was quiet and peaceful. Here it is so loud.” The money he takes home is barely enough to cover their rent, so when Islam was injured, they didn’t know what to do.

They took him to a hospital and ended up spending over $1,000 on treatment. Now, they have no savings left, and are barely able to scrape by. When they took Islam in for an appointment with UNHCR, they were informed that INARA may be able to help.

The skin on Islam’s head is so itchy that it causes him a lot of distress. “He’s never comfortable in his own skin,” his father informed us. When we took him to meet our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), doctors informed us that the scarring on his head was so tight that it is pulling his skin, creating this painful itching feeling. CO2 laser sessions would soften the skin, relieving the pain for the young boy.

This treatment will mean so much to not only Islam, but also his parents. Seeing their young son in pain has been so difficult for them the past few months, and the prospect of seeing Islam smiling and playing with his siblings again is something that they will treasure forever.

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