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Rihab was playing in the kitchen in the house she lives in as a Syrian refugee when she was burnt. She knocked a pot of boiling water over herself, badly burning her arm and chest.

Ever since, she has struggled to move. The tight scars heavily restrict her ability to raise her arm or extend her elbow. It makes life extremely difficult for the young girl. It also has an impact on her entire family. “I spend all my time looking after her, and helping her do simple tasks like getting dressed,” her mother told us.

Rihab’s father works as a carpenter in Lebanon, but doesn’t earn much money. “Life in Lebanon is very hard, it’s so expensive for us,” he explains. With medical treatment privatized in Lebanon, they have struggled to pay for Rihab’s treatment. Her family have spent almost $2,000 on trying to treat their daughter, but had run out of money after this.

We introduced Rihab to our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), who recommended that she would need a scar release surgery on the burns on her armpit and elbow. This will restore full functionality to her arm again.

This means so much to Rihab, who is about to turn 13 years old. “I’ll be able to use my arm like before,” she told us with a huge smile on her face.

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