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Yaser and his family live in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. As Syrian refugees, it is the only place they can afford. Yaser went out of the house in March 2017 to get a sandwich. The camp where he lives occasionally flares up with violence between two different political factions. Sadly, Yaser was in the wrong place in the wrong time. Fighting broke out, with bullets raining across the road from both directions. Yaser was shot in the head.

Yaser is the first case that INARA has worked with where a child has been injured in conflict outside of Syria. We first started working with Yaser in April 2017. He had been treated initially in a local hospital, but his wounded had become infected.

We have provided him with two surgeries. The first was tissue implants to control the infection and ensure a better blood flow to the wounded area. The second surgery put a bone-like implant into his skull to better protect his brain. In the time that we have worked with him, he has also had regular follow ups with a neurologist, and we have provided him with much-needed medications recommended by the neurologist.

Over time, Yaser’s condition has improved. But the impact of this injury will last with him forever. He has epilepsy now as a result of the bullet in his brain, and doctors have said that his brain chemicals have been drastically altered. His forehead is somewhat misshapen also.

His mother believes that Yaser is a hero for everything that he has been through. She hopes that, over time, the burden of what happened to him will become less, especially as he begins to heal more. We can’t take away the pain that Yaser and his family have suffered. But with your donations, we have been able to build a happier and healthier future for them.

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