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Ghaith and his brother were playing soccer on their rooftop in Syria two years ago. They were concentrating so much on the game, that they didn’t notice the noise of warplanes overhead. An airstrike landed on the house next to them. Ghaith was hit by shrapnel – two pieces of shrapnel in his head, and one in his back.

“When I woke up, I wanted to know where my brother was,” he told us. But Ghaith’s brother was killed in the airstrike. “It was the hardest day of my life,” Ghaith’s mother tells us. “I thought that I would lose both my sons, but thankfully God saved Ghaith for me.”

Ghaith had initial treatment in Syria, but as soon as he was well enough to leave the hospital, the family fled Syria. They had no home anymore, because their house had been so badly damaged in the airstrike, and their neighborhood was now only filled with the tragic memory of what happened to Ghaith’s brother.

Ghaith’s family were introduced to INARA in June. We have done a number of tests on the young boy to see how we may be able to help. X-rays found that the shrapnel in his back can be removed. We are still waiting on further tests on the two pieces of shrapnel in his head.

“I want to be a soccer player,” Ghaith explains. He spends lots of his time playing the sport in a soccer club near to where he and his family live as refugees in Lebanon. “I want to meet Lionel Messi and play a game with him.”

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