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Three year old Zeina pouts in front of the camera. “Her injuries affect her physically,” her mother Rawan explains to us, “but never psychologically. She’s still the same happy child she has always been.”

Boiling potatoes

In April 2017, Zeina’s mom prepared food for her children. She was boiling potatoes, when her young daughter accidentally knocked the pot of water over herself. The water spilled over her arm, badly burning the young girl.

They rushed the young girl to the nearest hospital to them in Lebanon. Rawan is a single mother, after her husband left the family. She doesn’t have much money, and so treatment was far more than she could afford. “I had to rely on my brother to lend me the money,” she explains, “and even after borrowing from him, I still owe the hospital over $1,500.”

As her debt stacked up, Rawan had to make the difficult choice to discharge her daughter earlier than necessary.

How INARA can help

Ever since, Zeina has struggled with her injuries. “She can’t play with her two hands,” her mother points out. “She plays with one and you can tell how uncomfortable this makes her.”

Someone in their neighborhood told Rawan to contact INARA. She called, and after two days was introduced to our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). There, doctors said that she would need a skin release surgery on her left elbow to restore full mobility to her arm.

This simple surgery doesn’t cost much, approximately $2,500, but can change a refugee child’s life forever. Do what you can today to ensure Zeina gets the help she desperately needs and deserves. Every single dollar counts.

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