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In this picture, you can clearly see the injury to Nader’s hand.

In this picture, you can clearly see the injury to Nader’s hand.

Nader’s story is shocking. He and his family lived in a village that was the site of huge amounts of fighting in the war in Syria. When one army would enter, another would leave, and months later, the guns and bombs would be back again.

In one of these rare times of quiet, Nader went outside to play. He’d been forced to stay inside for months due to the violence that encircled their village. He found something that looked like a yoyo in the rubble. He was so excited! He picked it up and tried to play with it.

The explosion

That’s when the grenade exploded. Nader lost two of his fingers. His parents were nearby, and when they heard their son crying in pain, they rushed over. “His mother was in a panic,” his father told us. “What was so strange was that Nader was surprisingly calm. He kept reassuring his mother that everything was going to be ok. He’s an incredibly strong young boy.”

His family sought treatment for Nader in Syria. But, with so much infrastructure destroyed, and with many of the best doctors fleeing the country, the care that Nader received wasn’t brilliant. He needed lots of treatment for the injuries on his hand, but before he could get it, the family fled Syria to search for safety in neighboring Lebanon.

INARA’s treatment

Nader’s family heard about INARA. They called a caseworker, who brought the young boy in to meet our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). Doctors found that one of Nader’s fingers has fully lost mobility due to the explosion. Doctors will need to correct this finger deformation with a bone graft surgery. This will fix the position of his finger and ensure Nader can use his hand again.

Nader’s future

Nader and his father hope that, after this surgery, Nader will be able to do all his daily tasks again. “My son is so unique,” his father tells us. “Despite all the horrors he has lived through, he still smiles every single day, and has dreams.”

Nader’s biggest dream is to ride a motorcycle. “It all depends on this surgery, though,” he tells us. “After this, I’ll be able to hold onto the motorcycle properly and speed away.”

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