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“Meeting Ayman’s mother was the first time that I didn’t feel completely alone in Lebanon,” Afaf’s mother Warde explains to us. “We were hopeless before meeting her, because of Afaf’s injuries. But she told us all about how INARA treated her son, and she gave us hope that Afaf would get the help she needed.”

The accident in the kitchen

Five years ago, Warde was making food for her eight children in the kitchen. She was making fries. As she was boiling the oil to throw the potatoes in, Afaf came in and tripped, knocking the extremely hot liquid all over herself. She was just three years old at the time. She sustained extreme burns on her torso.

She received primary care at a local hospital in Lebanon, but ever since, the burns have become tighter and tighter – causing her considerable pain. It was only when Warde met Ayman’s mother that Afaf was able to get the treatment she needed through INARA.

The injury has had a huge impact on the young girl. “She doesn’t change her clothes in front of her sisters anymore,” her mother tells us. “It’s as though she is ashamed of the burns.” Afaf also tells us that ever since the day of the accident, she always feels too warm. She can’t even sleep with a blanket on top of her. “It’s as though I can still feel the heat of the boiling oil,” she explains. Despite everything she has been through, she still goes to school. “She’s a very smart girl,” her mother adds.

INARA’s support

After meeting our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), Afaf will undergo scar revision surgery for the burns on her torso. Shortly after this, she will receive CO2 laser sessions in order to soften the skin and make it more malleable – ensuring the burns do not restrict her growth.

Afaf is eight years old now, and has one dream: “I want to be comfortable with my body again.” Your donations will help us to make that dream become a reality. Donate now to help Afaf and others like her.

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