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Nihad is only one, and yet so much of his life has been spent in hospitals. When he was crawling around on the floor, he knocked boiling tea over his arms and chest. Ever since, his parents have gone from hospital to hospital, and from NGO to NGO, desperately searching for the treatment he needs.

When they were eventually introduced to INARA, we brought Nihad in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. They found that the burns on his arms are so tight that they completely restrict his movement. Without surgery, he would be disabled by this scars.

Prior to him having his surgery, doctors found that the young boy has thalassemia. He will need to see a hematologist before he can have his surgery.

“All I want is for my son to be healthy again,” his mother tells us. “He cannot sleep at night because the burns on his arms are so itchy. I just want his suffering to end.”

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