Ever since Kammar was burnt in the tent she lives in as a refugee in Lebanon, she hasn’t been able to pray. The burns on her knee cause her a lot of pain and means she cannot perform her prayers. “After this operation, things will change,” she tells us. “At least I’ll be able to pray again…”

Coming to Lebanon as refugees

Kammar and her family came to Lebanon as refugees very early on in the Syrian War. “There were explosions every single day in the area we lived in,” her brother told us. “We had to leave Syria. We didn’t know if we would survive.”

The family crossed the border into Lebanon, and now live in a tent in a town in the South of Lebanon, close to the border.

Four years ago, Kammar and her brother were sat inside the tent when the gas pipe that the family had assembled to keep the tent warm exploded, causing the tent to catch fire. Kammar’s brother managed to get out with minor burns, but Kammar was badly burnt, particularly on her legs. “I can’t remember the day I was injured,” she tells us. “I feel like I deleted it from my memory.” But her brother cannot forget the image of his sister crying in pain on the floor, scared.

Trying to find treatment

Her mother took her immediately to the nearest hospital. The doctor informed her that she would need a surgery, but the cost was far more than the family could afford. So instead they took her to a pharmacist who was kind enough to help the family with creams and dressings for the burns.

Ever since, the burns on Kammar’s right knee cause her a lot of pain. Alongside this, the 15-year old girl has changed a lot since the accident. “She became very thin and refused to eat,” her brother explains. “She was sad the whole time and wanted to hide from people.”

INARA’s help

After years of struggling with her injury, Kammar was recently put in touch with INARA by the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA). We brought her in to meet our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). There, Dr Amir Ibrahim explained that the burn on her knee has the potential to cause skin cancer if not operated on.

Together with Dr Ibrahim, we have pulled together a medical plan for the teenage girl. She will need a scar revision surgery initially, and later have CO2 and steroid injections – which should prevent the burn from becoming cancerous.

What this means for Kammar

Since finding out that she will get treatment with INARA, Kammar has changed a lot. Her brother noticed, explaining: “After you called me to tell me about the appointment at AUBMC, Kammar has changed. And since she has found out you will cover the surgery, she doesn’t stop smiling. She is very happy and eating better now.”

The impact that your donations have is not only medical – it also has huge psychological benefits to many of the children we work with. Thankfully we can help Kammar, but there are many refugee children in Lebanon that we still want to help in 2018. We can only do that with your donations.

UNICEF contributed towards Kammar's treatment.