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Wafaa was born as a Syrian refugee in Lebanon. Her family used to live in a town on the Turkish border, but were forced to flee when fighting intensified. Her mother describes the day that they left Syria as “the worst day ever.”

“We saw so much misery on the way.”

The family live in a small town in the south of Lebanon. When Wafaa was born with clubfoot, the family had no idea what they could do for their young daughter. Her father said: “The problem is that we are in Lebanon and we could never afford the treatment.”

Wafaa’s parents were told about INARA by a neighbor, whose child we worked with. We brought Wafaa into the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) where doctors advised us that she would need to wear straight case shoes for the next two years.

We fitted her with these shoes in February. She will wear these over the next two years and we will provide her with different pairs as her feet grow. Her mother said that the difference has been tangible after just a few months. “She used to walk with curved legs but since she’s been wearing her shoes she’s starting to walk normally.”

“I’d like to thank INARA for making this possible for Wafaa.” 

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