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“Lea has always been a dreamer,” her father tells us, with tears in his eyes. “She loved fairytales. She particularly loved Beauty and the Beast and she always dreamed of being a princess who found her handsome prince. After her accident, those big dreams died. Now she just dreams of leading a normal life.”

Lea was 12 years old when the accident occurred. She was helping her mother to sew. Lea was forced to drop out of school because her family were so poor and they needed her to help them raise money to live as refugees in Lebanon. They sew items and sell them on the street. When she grabbed a knife to cut the thread, she accidentally stabbed herself in the eye.

Doctors were forced to remove her eye. Lea is 18 now, and for the past six years she has suffered from agonizing headaches. Our team of doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) explained that Lea would need to be fitted with a glass eye to prevent the eye socket from shrinking. This was the cause of her painful headaches.

We fitted Lea with her glass eye in April and she now wants to change her life, now that the headaches have gone. “I want to go out now and live my life,” she tells us. “Now no one notices that I only have one eye, but deep inside I have learnt to love myself as a beautiful girl with one eye.”

Before she leaves our offices, she adds: “I don’t dream of a prince anymore because I don’t need one.”

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