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We’ve been working with Hala for over two years now. Her case has been a challenging one for us – so when we finally see her fully healed, it’s a huge relief for the entire INARA team to see her happy and healthy!

Hala is nine years old now and just last week started to wear the veil. She’s a confident little girl, and the constant hospital check-ups and the initial trauma of her injury hasn’t knocked this out of her.

The accident that changed Hala’s life

Six years ago, when living in a tent in Syria, rockets began to fall around Hala and her family. Her mother and father grabbed their children, sick to the stomach with fear and worry. In the panic, confusion and chaos, Hala knocked over a boiling pot of water in their tent, all over her upper body. Her burns were so severe that her underarms had webs of scar tissue that restricted her ability to move her arms.

How we helped

Hala’s treatment has taken over two years. Her first surgery was in May 2016. However, after this her wound became infected – largely, we suspected, from unhygienic living conditions where she was living.

After a few months, we brought her in for another surgery. This time, in order for her to have the best possible chances of recovering in a hygienic setting, we admitted her to the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) for a week.

Everything seemed to be in order, until July 2017 when the scarring under her arms started to bleed again. Dr Ghassan Abu-Sittah recommended that she would need one further surgery in September 2017. For two or three months after that, we brought Hala in to see our doctors at AUBMC twice a week.

Hala today

After years of treatment, Hala is finally looking forward to focusing on her education. Because she has been in and out of hospital so much over the past two years, and because she has had to travel far from the town in which they live to come in for appointments, she hasn’t been able to go to school. She’s really excited to start learning again.

Her father believes it’s all been worth it. “Her mobility has improved 100%,” he tells us with a grin on his face. “Before she couldn’t use her arm or lift anything and now she can. She’s so much more comfortable with her body as well.”

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