Joud was injured in an airstrike in Syria. Shrapnel hit him, shattering his lower face, and fractured his jaw. We took Joud to see doctors at American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). What they found when they assessed his injury is that his jaw could be re-fitted. The surgery required was long, complicated in nature and as with all surgeries without guaranteed success all of which was explained to Joud and his family

Doctors removed part of his leg and implanted it into his upper jaw. It was shaved to create a natural jaw like curvature using a microscope for precision.

Unfortunately a few days after the surgery in May 2016, doctors found that there had been a complication which meant that Joud would require a second surgery.
Everyone was understandably upset about this development, most of all of course Joud. We encouraged Joud and his family to access psychological support but unfortunately they declined it.

We have been working with Joud closely since May 2016. Joud eventually decided that he didn't want to participate in a second surgery - and we had to respect his decision.