Hassan INARA Arwa Damon Syrian refugee child

It’s hard not to notice Hassan. His blonde hair and chubby cheeks make him stand out. “I know I shouldn’t pick favorites,” his father tells us. “But there’s something special about Hassan. Everybody that meets him fall in love with him.”

Hassan and his family are refugees from Syria. Ever since 2012, they have lived in tents in the north of Lebanon. “When we were in Syria, everything around us seemed to be escalating. All I wanted was for my family to be safe, so we had to leave,” Hassan’s father tells us, fighting back the tears.

Hassan’s accident

One day, while his mother was heating water to cook, Hassan tripped and fell into the boiling water, his right hand first. His father doesn’t remember much about that day, other than the noise of Hassan screaming. This still haunts him.

He rushed Hassan to the nearest hospital in Lebanon. They tried to treat the third degree burns but warned that he would likely have to have his thumb amputated. Once his acute burns began to heal, the family realized that the fingers on Hassan’s hand had fused together - making simple tasks like holding things a painful challenge for the young boy.

Hassan AUBMC Arwa Damon Syrian refugees

His father saved up the little money they had left and paid for a surgery at a nearby hospital. But the operation failed, and Hassan’s fingers on his right hand are still fused together.

How INARA helped

We took Hassan to meet with our doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). They performed a scar revision surgery to detach the fingers fused together. He now has full functionality of his hand.

The father really notices a difference in Hassan. “He’s different now. He is always playing and running around as he did before his accident. He can eat and drink on his own now by using both hands properly.”

The father also tells us the good news that Hassan will be starting kindergarten next year.

A relief for the family

When we first met Hassan and his father, his father expressed so much gratitude to INARA and all our donors. He told us, as he left the office the first time we met him, that he wanted to say something to donors: “Everyone who helps my child, I thank from the bottom of my heart.”

He told us what a relief this surgery has been on his family. “I was planning to treat Hassan myself and raise the money for the surgeries. But I wasn’t able to cover the cost because it has been so hard for us to make money here. But when INARA offered its services, I felt relieved. The money I had saved for Hassan’s surgery we could use to cover our daily living expenses, and overall it’s made our lives a lot better.”

There are plenty of other refugee children living in Lebanon that desperately need medical assistance. Do something today and donate to help them.