Havin & Ahmed

Helping Havin & Ahmed move their hands again

Ten-year-old Havin, her four siblings and parents were sleeping when a rocket landed outside their home in the suburbs of Damascus in January 2012.

Sheer terror and panic

In sheer terror and ensuing chaos, they threw off their blankets which landed on the wood fire stove, immediately catching fire and causing the gas oven to explode. The fire engulfed all of them. Eight-year-old Hovin and nine-year-old Abdel-Rahman died in the flames. The rest of the family were dragged out by neighbors and taken to a burns unit in Damascus where they were treated for severe burns.

Havin's tiny hands scarred into little claws, preventing her from being able to fully move her fingers. Her face was also severely scarred.

How we helped

INARA connected the children to a private donor who provided the funds for both hand surgeries. These operations were performed pro-bono by Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, an INARA partner providing discounted rates.

We also connected the children to the Get Well physiotherapy center run by Sawssan Haider, who gave the children the post-surgery exercise they needed. Both children have much better use of their hands, only facing small complications with the movement of their fingers.

Since treatment, Havin, Ahmed and their whole family have been resettled in Germany where they are undergoing further medical care and taking language classes. According to their mother, they are very happy!