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When Rend comes to meet us now that her medical treatment with INARA has finished, we see a much happier child sat before us. Before, Rend barely uttered a word. Now she answers questions with a smile on her face.

“I lost one daughter after the other.”

Fatima once had seven daughters. Four of them died when a bomb in Syria caused their house to catch fire. She smiles longingly as she remembers them and tells us how every day she tries to recall their faces.

“I lost one daughter after the other,” Fatima tells us. “My first daughter died a few hours after the bomb. I was in hospital and just had to keep hope that the others would survive. But I lost another daughter each day for the next three days…”

The bomb that took everything away

Rend is one of Fatima’s three remaining daughters. She is 11 years old. The bomb not only destroyed her family and her home, but it also left her with severe burns on her hands.

Fatima tells us that she knew her area wasn’t safe before the bomb, but she didn’t want to leave everything they had behind. After her three remaining daughters were discharged from the hospital she fled from the rubble of their home, and tried to find somewhere, anywhere her family could be safe and protected from the misery of war.

But after nine months she knew that this place didn’t exist for her in Syria. She had also heard that medical treatment in Lebanon was far more advanced, and might be able to help her injured daughters. Since the explosion Rend could not use her hands at all. She couldn’t write or draw, or do all the other things that the children in her city could do. Hospitals in Syria were inundated with injured and sick people and doctors didn’t have the time to help her war-wounded children. This is why they made the difficult journey to Lebanon.

Before meeting INARA, Rend had two surgeries to restore some mobility in her hands. But she needed one more surgery, and the family’s money had run out. No matter how much they begged their friends and family, they couldn’t raise the funds needed to help Rend.

We became aware of Rend when we treated her sister, Cedra, who was also injured in the accident. We realized that Rend’s fingers were stuck together from the burns, and that this was inhibiting her from doing all the things an 11 year old should be able to do.

How we helped Rend

We took her to doctors at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), who told us that they could perform plastic surgery to free up the fingers on both of her hands.

Since the surgery, Rend can use her hands like any other child. “I am happier after the surgery,” she tells us. “I can use my hands better now. I can do everything I want now using my hands.”

“I wish for my daughter to be educated and successful”

Rend Arwa Damon Syrian refugee

“All that I wished for my daughters was that they would be educated and successful in the future,” said Fatima. “I begged to God that he could find the treatment for them so that they could pursue their studies and try to build a future for themselves.”

Rend is now going back to school again. According to her mother, she got 80% in her last Arabic test. “Personally as her mother, I have seen such great improvements,” Fatima tells us. “Thank god you offered both my daughters this treatment and they are better now.”

Thanks to your donations we have ensured Rend can live a life without disability. She is back at school and is on the path to building a happy and successful future for herself.  

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