Imran Khan on Nadine Shah's gift to INARA

Al Jazeera English’s Imran Khan told musician Nadine Shah about INARA’s work. This is a blog about how her gift to INARA came about.

A few years back I heard a song on the radio that really got my attention. The singer's voice was unlike anything I'd ever heard: jarring and yet with sweet melodies. It made for a perfect combination.

The singer’s name was Nadine Shah. The song was called Stealing Cars. I bought the album it came from and it lived in my headphones for months. Then one night I was hanging out with my friend, talented filmmaker Karim Shah. I had not put two and two together. It turns out Nadine and Karim are siblings.

While I spoke with Nadine, it turned out that she was researching her next album and it was going to be around her thoughts on Europe's refugee crisis. She felt that politicians use lies to conceal the truth, and she was going to use her art to reveal the truth as she had seen it.

Karim hooked up a meeting in London and Nadine was inspirational. We chatted about my experiences from Pakistan and Iraq and in Europe. She talked about her experiences in Europe. We talked about INARA at length.

Honestly I cannot remember who suggested to who that we collaborate on a project but we both knew we had to do something. That something is a special video version of her current single Holiday Destination. It's a song I fell in love with the minute I heard it. It's our birthday gift to INARA.

Nadine Shah is as passionate about the plight of refugees as we are. She is also lot more poetic about them, and her thoughts are worth listening to. We truly hope you like this musical gift and share it widely as possible to help raise awareness for the work that INARA do.