Why I am running the marathon for INARA

Amanda Ellis is running the London Marathon for us in a few weeks. In this blog she discusses what made her put on her running shoes for INARA.

When I saw pictures in the media of Homs, in Syria, a city literally reduced to rubble, I thought how I, as a parent myself, would feel if my child totally lost anything resembling a childhood. No basics, such as electricity and clean water, but also no school, no play and, most of all, no respite from the constant fear of being bombed.

Then I saw a TV feature about Lebanon – where INARA is based – with its population of 4 million, struggling to cope with 2 million refugees, while in the UK we wrangle over a few thousand refugees.

As much as I admire many of the big multinational charities, INARA appealed to me as I know exactly how, and even on who, the money is being spent. I love reading about each individual Syrian child whose life INARA is changing with crucial medical help.

I never thought I would – or could – run a marathon, but having a cause close to my heart to run for means that even if I have to crawl the last few miles, I will definitely cross that finish-line!

If anyone would like to sponsor myself and Kois, who is also running for INARA, we would be very, very grateful. If 100 people reading this donated £5 each, that £500 would make such a difference to children’s lives.

And it would give us even more of an incentive to struggle round those 26.2 long miles in London next week!