10 things your donation has helped to achieve

Every bit of money that is donated online to INARA goes to the children we support. But what exactly do these funds help to achieve? Well, in this blog, have a look at some of the amazing things your donations have enabled!

Enabled Nour to go to the toilet by herself

Nour Arwa Damon CNN INARA

A bomb landed on Nour’s home in Syria. 12-year old Nour suffered burns on her lower abdomen, including her genitals. A further accident exacerbated these wounds.

After an operation, Nour is now able to go to the toilet on her own for the first time in over three years. Her mother said that Nour is “regaining her self-confidence”.

Prevented Elena from going blind

For 40 days, Elena’s mother when pregnant with her, struggled to find food and water during the siege on Homs, resulting in an infection that likely caused Elena to be born with severe cataracts in her eyes. If left untreated, Elena would have gone blind.

Elena only had a few weeks left before she would lose her sight forever. Two surgeries at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) saved her eye sight. She now has a lovely pair of pink glasses to help her vision.

Saved baby Rouba’s life

When nine-month old Rouba came to us, her life was in danger. Burn wounds on her body had become infected after a botched surgery. The rot in her leg ate away at her flesh, exposing her muscle tissue. This infection could easily have cost Rouba her life.

Surgery at AUBMC saved Rouba’s leg. She’s now about to celebrate her first birthday, no longer in agonising pain.

Gave Adnan a new lease of life

Adnan was shot in the spine by a sniper in Syria. As a result, this caused him to lose all movement in his legs. When Adnan first came to us, he had lost all hope in his life.

Although we could not reverse his paralysis, we could restore some mobility and strengthen his upper body. Thanks to this, Adnan has a whole new lease of life. He can now move around without having to rely on others. He has taken up new hobbies – including photography. He recently came third place in the Beirut Marathon 10KM special needs race.

Gave Alaa a new smile

Alaa’s jaw was blown off when she was caught in cross-fire, on the way to her grandmother’s house in Syria.

By working with doctors and dentists, we worked to rebuild her jaw, giving her the confidence to smile again without hiding her face.

Gave Gharam the confidence to dress up again

When a bomb exploded near Gharam’s house in Syria, a pot of scalding hot coffee poured all over her.

When we met Gharam her burns were so bad that if they weren’t treated, her neck would be stuck in one position. After surgeries, Gharam can now move her neck. Although she still has scars, she has more confidence to dress up. “I love fashion,” said Gharam. “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to be able to wear make-up!”.

Made sure that Khaled could give his mom a good hug

Khaled Arwa Damon INARA CNN

Khaled’s right arm had been stuck at a bent position for almost four years, after he fell into a pot of boiling water in his village in Syria. He was rushed to hospital, but before he could receive treatment, Syria erupted with violence and the family fled to Lebanon.

Your donations helped to fund Khaled’s surgery, which means that his arm is now mobile. His mum means everything to him – and now he can hug her all he wants!

Helped Ritaj draw again

Ritaj INARA Syria

Ritaj loves drawing. But burn scars on her elbow and on the palm of her hand restricted her movements and caused her to be in a lot of pain whenever she tried to draw.

Thanks to our partnership with Sawssan Haidar's Get Well center, she received pro bono physiotherapy. She can now do her favourite thing in the whole wide world and is no longer in pain.

Gave Hamida the energy to volunteer for the Danish Refugee Council

Hamida INARA Arwa Damon Syria CNN Refugee children

Hamida was caught in cross-fire in Syria. Shrapnel fired into her abdomen. This wasn’t dealt with properly at the hospital, resulting in a hernia in her stomach, leaving her in agony every single day. Because of this, she often couldn’t make it to her volunteering position at the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) due to the pain she was in.

Her hernia was operated on at AUBMC and Hamida is no longer in constant pain. “I’m passionate about volunteering with the DRC,” she said. “It really gives me purpose.”

Allowed Cedra to walk without pain

Cedra INARA Syrian Refugee Arwa Damon

In 2013, a bomb caused Cedra’s home to catch fire. Cedra received severe burns to her face, hands, and legs – meaning she could no longer grasp a pencil and was in severe pain whenever she walked.

Your kind donations helped to fund an operation which means that Cedra can now run around with other children without pain!

Here at INARA, we help children when no one else can. But we can only do that with the help of our amazing supporters who donate, and help to spread the word about all of the children we work with. Without your help, we couldn’t do this. So we wanted to take a moment to thank you.

We can’t change what these children have been through. But, together, we can help to build happier futures.